Dance Away The Pain: The Julie Ruin’s Hit Reset

Rating: 4/5

The undeniable force that is Kathleen Hanna struck again earlier this month after her latest band, The Julie Ruin, released its second album titled Hit Reset. As an artist Hanna is used to touching on heavy, political subjects, her main target being the patriarchy, but on Hit Reset she brings the pain home with her–literally. As the house on the front cover would indicate, the new album delves into pain Hanna experienced in childhood. This pain is particularly present in the opening verse of the album’s title track, where lyrics such as “slept with the lights on on the floor/Behind a chair that blocked the door” paint a picture of a life filled with anxiety and paranoia. Continue reading “Dance Away The Pain: The Julie Ruin’s Hit Reset”

Life Lessons From Bikini Kill: “Rebel Girl”

Don’t get jealous; EMBRACE the people you admire.

Perhaps, it’s the patriarchy telling us that only one girl can have fun at a time, or, maybe,  being threatened by “cool” people is just an impulse of human nature. No matter which way you slice it, this desire to tear people down for the benefit of your own emotional security is neither healthy nor productive. Continue reading “Life Lessons From Bikini Kill: “Rebel Girl””