Fab Four: Taylor Silver

Taylor Silver lives in New York City. She’s the assistant music editor for The Le Sigh. You can read her unrequited tweets to Cher @taylorgayng.

Modern Girl by Sleater-Kinney

I exclusively listened to Sleater-Kinney my second semester of college, when I was at my most depressed and anxious. A few months ago though, my friend had just finished reading Carrie Brownstein’s memoir. She asked me to give her a stick ‘n’ poke, so I tattooed “Modern Girl” on her bicep. For years, I associated the song with a very lonely time, but now it just makes me think of her and how she helped dig me out. Continue reading “Fab Four: Taylor Silver”

Dance Away The Pain: The Julie Ruin’s Hit Reset

Rating: 4/5

The undeniable force that is Kathleen Hanna struck again earlier this month after her latest band, The Julie Ruin, released its second album titled Hit Reset. As an artist Hanna is used to touching on heavy, political subjects, her main target being the patriarchy, but on Hit Reset she brings the pain home with her–literally. As the house on the front cover would indicate, the new album delves into pain Hanna experienced in childhood. This pain is particularly present in the opening verse of the album’s title track, where lyrics such as “slept with the lights on on the floor/Behind a chair that blocked the door” paint a picture of a life filled with anxiety and paranoia. Continue reading “Dance Away The Pain: The Julie Ruin’s Hit Reset”

See Me I Rap and Stuff

“Peach” by UK rap duo 808ink is the kind of song where once it hooks you it never lets you go. Released on Soundcloud this past January, the song opens with several bars of an instrumental beat, which blends the catchiness of club hits with hypnotic, outer-space-y type vibes. When the lyrics begin they are loose and seemingly unchained to the beat, but by the end of the song they’re sped up enough to lock in place. The beat isn’t tinkered with much and remains consistent throughout the song. Continue reading “See Me I Rap and Stuff”