Fab Four: Taylor Silver

Taylor Silver lives in New York City. She’s the assistant music editor for The Le Sigh. You can read her unrequited tweets to Cher @taylorgayng.

Modern Girl by Sleater-Kinney

I exclusively listened to Sleater-Kinney my second semester of college, when I was at my most depressed and anxious. A few months ago though, my friend had just finished reading Carrie Brownstein’s memoir. She asked me to give her a stick ‘n’ poke, so I tattooed “Modern Girl” on her bicep. For years, I associated the song with a very lonely time, but now it just makes me think of her and how she helped dig me out. Continue reading “Fab Four: Taylor Silver”

Fab Four: Kathryn Schultz


Kathryn Schultz is a Minnesotan film student. She’s also an editor for Pop Culture Puke. Her talents are eating, writing, and not writing. Her dog recently had puppies. You can follow her on Twitter @keaschultz.


“Champagne Coast” by Blood Orange

This is my favorite song off Coastal Grooves, one of the few albums I played repeatedly throughout my freshman year of college. The song was introduced to me by my friend Alex, so it  makes me think of her. I also equate it with the beginning of my relationship with my S.O. (along with honorable mentions, “Counting” and “Play by Play” by Autre Ne Veut). It’s a perfect song with a perfect music video and feels sacred to me.
Continue reading “Fab Four: Kathryn Schultz”