Fab Four: Kathryn Schultz


Kathryn Schultz is a Minnesotan film student. She’s also an editor for Pop Culture Puke. Her talents are eating, writing, and not writing. Her dog recently had puppies. You can follow her on Twitter @keaschultz.


“Champagne Coast” by Blood Orange

This is my favorite song off Coastal Grooves, one of the few albums I played repeatedly throughout my freshman year of college. The song was introduced to me by my friend Alex, so it  makes me think of her. I also equate it with the beginning of my relationship with my S.O. (along with honorable mentions, “Counting” and “Play by Play” by Autre Ne Veut). It’s a perfect song with a perfect music video and feels sacred to me.
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Let Us Now Praise Great Art: “Hamilton”


Hamilton is not a musical. At least, not as I understood the term up until Friday night when I sat down on the first mezzanine of the Richard Rogers Theater to see the much-lauded show. My original definition of a musical was  a play with plainly spoken dialogue  punctuated by occasional outbreaks into song. Watching Hamilton, it took a couple of back-to-back musical numbers for me to realize that the kind of dialogue I was expecting  would never come. Nearly every line in the show is either rapped or sung. The music almost never stops. Technically, Hamilton is a sung-through musical, like Les Misérables, which can also be called pop or rock operas. In Hamilton’s case, however, the term hip-hop opera would be the most fitting description.

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See Me I Rap and Stuff

“Peach” by UK rap duo 808ink is the kind of song where once it hooks you it never lets you go. Released on Soundcloud this past January, the song opens with several bars of an instrumental beat, which blends the catchiness of club hits with hypnotic, outer-space-y type vibes. When the lyrics begin they are loose and seemingly unchained to the beat, but by the end of the song they’re sped up enough to lock in place. The beat isn’t tinkered with much and remains consistent throughout the song. Continue reading “See Me I Rap and Stuff”

Screen Grabs: “Your Type” by Carly Rae Jepsen

I always know that a song is a bonafide hit when my 50-year-old  father can recite all they lyrics by heart, and that’s what happened with “Call Me Maybe?” the song that put singer Carly Rae Jepsen on the cultural map. “Call Me Maybe?” is catchy, sweet as sugar pop. It’s the kind of song that radio does to death and whose intense popularity puts their artist at risk for one-hit-wonder status. However, Jensen has avoided that pitfall with steady hits and high profile gigs like creating a new rendition of “Everywhere You Look” for the Fuller House theme song. But while her songs may still have their pop overtones, she’s also evolved and matured particularly when it comes to her visuals. Continue reading “Screen Grabs: “Your Type” by Carly Rae Jepsen”


My Thoughts In Formation


On June 7th, at the Citified show of Beyoncé’s Formation Tour, a tall white box stood prominently on stage. Flanked by two flat screens tilted toward the sides of the audience, the box’s function was a mystery until the start of the show. In the moments before Beyoncé even stepped out on stage, the box began to turn and each side flashed a different image of Beyoncé with an orchid erupting from her mouth. The sides of the box , it turns out, were each screens in themselves. As the concert got underway each side showed unique images visible only to people with specific vantage point. Unsurprisingly, the visuals and screens were an integral part of the show. Both the side screens and box sides, not only showed what was happening on stage, but elevated them with graphics, backgrounds, and effects. The scope of the screens and the intricacy of the visuals made it advantageous to sit farther back, in order to fully take in what was happening. Continue reading “My Thoughts In Formation”

Thursday Playlist: Lazy Hazy Crazy Days

When summer comes I slip into a state of mind that prevents me from remembering responsibilities, what day of the week it is, and that the hustle and bustle of school will eventually return. For now, during these first weeks of June, all I can think about is the series of endless lazy days ahead of me, ice cream, and sunshine. Time moves sinfully slow, and I don’t want it to stop. This new playlist Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days is an ode to that feeling. Enjoy!