An Evening With The Le Sigh

So…I’ve been a bit lax about posting since last week, and I could give a number of excuses for that (work, time, Jane The Virgin etc.). The point is that I have been doing things during my brief hiatus, some of which do not involve this blog, and others that do.

One of the most exciting moments from this period of downtime was when I went to see The Le Sigh’s Summer Showcase at the all-ages club Aviv. For those of you that aren’t familiar, The Le Sigh is a website whose content includes music reviews and interviews with artists. You might even have heard the name from the last Fab Four, which was brought to you by Taylor Silver, an assistant music editor for the publication. As an extension of its mission to “highlight female identified and non-binary artists,” The Le Sigh’s  Summer Showcase featured a crew of awesome up and coming bands: IAN SWEET, Pouty, Coping Skills,  Drug Pizza and Cadet Kelly.

The event was a lot of fun. From the outside Aviv was a modest space, blending in perfectly with the landscape of its industrial Greenpoint neighborhood. Inside, it had a stripped-down, cozy feel, with couches, a sizable stage, and a bar that, because of the big black X on my hand, I didn’t make any use of. Alongside one wall was a merch/snack table with cassettes, T-Shirts, and pins. Since the pins were free, I, being the a resourceful (and broke!) college student that I am,  couldn’t resist taking a couple home with me. Plus they were really cute.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to such a small, intimate concert, especially one where I could actually have personal space and avoid feeling like a sardine.  One of the things I’ve really missed about these kinds of shows is the ability to get close enough to the stage speakers to feel their vibrations and allow the music to overwhelm you. That was part of the joy of watching the bands at the Summer Showcase; although, unfortunately, due to early mornings (ugh), I could only stay from 8:30-10(ish), and only saw the full sets for Drug Pizza and Coping Skills.

Coping Skills take the stage

Drug Pizza was the more classically indie/alt rock of the two groups I saw, comprising of 4 members playing on bass, drums, and guitar. Their sound had a chill vibe with grunge elements on some songs that incorporated feedback and included many killer guitar solos.

According to Coping Skills’s Bancamp, they can be classified as “bummer pop,” making their “Hotline Bling” inspired album artwork even more appropriate. Comprised of two members, Lauren and Rachel, the band played their set with nothing but two guitars and a drum machine. Like Drug Pizza, Coping Skills’s songs were a bit of a 90’s throwback and were at times lyrically reminiscent of Coleen Green’s honest and straightforward style of singing.


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