Fab Four: Kathryn Schultz


Kathryn Schultz is a Minnesotan film student. She’s also an editor for Pop Culture Puke. Her talents are eating, writing, and not writing. Her dog recently had puppies. You can follow her on Twitter @keaschultz.


“Champagne Coast” by Blood Orange

This is my favorite song off Coastal Grooves, one of the few albums I played repeatedly throughout my freshman year of college. The song was introduced to me by my friend Alex, so it  makes me think of her. I also equate it with the beginning of my relationship with my S.O. (along with honorable mentions, “Counting” and “Play by Play” by Autre Ne Veut). It’s a perfect song with a perfect music video and feels sacred to me.

“Powa” by tUnE-yArDs

This is another song that I listened to a lot during my freshman year of college. Every time I hear it I can smell my dorm room and feel my past self gazing at me. I spend way too much time gazing back!!!

“Bound 2” by Kanye West

Yeezus is basically all I listened to my senior year of high school. I was pretty depressed  and spent most of my time alone, napping, or watching Netflix. Whenever I needed some extra motivation to get through a chemistry assignment or just be a person, I turned to Yeezus. The next fall, the week before classes started, I rapped the entirety of “Bound 2” to the boy who would become my S.O. seven months later because he didn’t know it and I insisted.

“Townie” by Mitski

This song supported me when I felt crazy and wanted to scream. Instead, I shouted the lyrics and danced around my bedroom. Listen to it if you’re feeling frustrated, jealous, lost, or angry, and Mitski will split your heart right in half (in a good way that brings you relief, not the weepy, Kleenex sort of way).

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