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“Peach” by UK rap duo 808ink is the kind of song where once it hooks you it never lets you go. Released on Soundcloud this past January, the song opens with several bars of an instrumental beat, which blends the catchiness of club hits with hypnotic, outer-space-y type vibes. When the lyrics begin they are loose and seemingly unchained to the beat, but by the end of the song they’re sped up enough to lock in place. The beat isn’t tinkered with much and remains consistent throughout the song. In the absence of breakdowns and key changes, it becomes the rapper’s job to give the song its energy, which he does by varying how the lyrics navigate around the beat. Overall, the song is an incredible example of how art doesn’t need to be overly complex or intricate to be good. Be prepared to loose yourself in the song, let the beat and chorus sweep you away, and become enmeshed in its comforting repetition. Personally speaking, I have become obsessed with this song and 808ink in general. You’ve be warned. Enjoy!

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